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Introducing Synchro REPLA:Y – The First 3Hz Alexandrite Laser for Hair Reduction


DEKA medicalInnovation

DEKA’s vision is a promise of universal value: to turn every scientific discovery into a concrete benefit for mankind, & to transform each technological innovation into an ongoing improvement for the products & services it offers.

DEKA MedicalExperience

With over 32 years of experience in the aesthetic & medical laser arena, DEKA is present in over 60 countries. DEKA is the medical division of the El En Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturer, developer & supplier of lasers & pulsed light systems. 

DEKA MedicalVision

DEKA is the number “10″ in Greek & represents attainment of perfection & excellence. According to Pythagoras, “10”, the Tetractys, is considered the perfect number.