cd_03Excellence in Laser Technology; from innovative ideas to tangible results.

The history of laser technology is profoundly linked to DEKA. Therefore DEKA has chosen the number “10” as its brand name (“deka” means “10” in Greek) which means attainment of perfection and excellence. According to Pythagoras, the “10” is considered the perfect number and constitute the so-called Tetractys, formed from the sequence of the four numbers, and represent the cosmological principles.

This Florentine company has its roots in a culture that has made excellence of thought its dominant feature. An innovative corporate culture coupled with remarkable scientific expertise, make DEKA a world-class leader in the field of laser technology.

Due to its invaluable cultural heritage and unique historical background DEKA encompasses into its vision a promise of universal value: to turn every scientific discovery into a concrete benefit for mankind and to translate every technological innovation into ongoing improvements for the range of products and services it offers.

deca_2Mission: DEKA, The Code of Excellence

Through its excellence represented symbolically by the number ten, “deka” in Greek, the company expresses the enormous value of its brand, built-up over thirty years.

Quality, innovation and technological excellence place DEKA and its products in a unique and consistent position in the global arena leaving any other form of competition far behind.

DEKA’s achievement of excellence is a universal value shared by all. It is a constant quest pursued with passion for the paradigm’s enrichment of man’s scientific knowledge.

EL.EN. Group: World Leader in Laser Solutions

A company of the El.En. Group, DEKA is a world leader in the manufacture of laser systems.

El.En. is the parent company of a high-tech industrial Group that operates in the optoelectronics sector exploiting its own technology and multidisciplinary knowhow to manufacture laser sources (gas, with semiconductors, solid-state and liquid) and innovative lasers for medical and industrial applications.

The El.En. Group designs, manufactures and markets worldwide:
· medical laser devices for use in dermatology, surgery, aesthetics, physiotherapy, dentistry
· industrial laser systems for applications ranging from cutting, marking and welding of metals, wood and plastic, to texture design on skins and fabrics and the conservative restoration of artworks
. systems for scientific research.

For more detailed information about El.En. and the other companies in the Group, visit the official website of the El.En. Group: